Sunday, June 12, 2016

Eddie Jamoldroy Justice, 30

Eddie Jamoldroy Justice, 30, was an accountant who lived in downtown Orlando. He was a homebody who liked to eat and work out.

News article of his texts during attack:


  1. My God that text brought me to tears. I wish you and your family peace and understanding during these hard times. :(

  2. My heart broke for this young mans mother. I also wish peace and comfort in this difficult time. RIP Eddie

  3. My condolences to all the familes of the victims of this horrible crime. My question today on the mayor's facebook page: Mayor Dyer, Police Chief John Mina and the New York Times corroborates, that there was a uniformed police office who engaged Omar Mateen shortly after he opened fire in the club. He says there were two exchanges of gunfire first between the officer who was on-site and then by additional officers who arrived shortly after. Chief Mina states that Mateen retreated into the bathroom after these two exchanges. One of the victims of this horrible act, Eddie Jamoldroy Justice, has been reported by various news agencies to have been trapped in the bathroom of Pulse. His text correspondences have been displayed throughout the media showing his pleas for help with his mother. At 2:49 am Eddie states that he is trapped in the bathroom with Mateen (this is corroborated by the Associated Press Reports say that the shooting began at 2:02 am and that Orlando officers engaged in two exchanges with Mateen before he retreats into the restroom. One can only presume, as he is the only suspect in this case and because Eddie's text's say that "he is in the bathroom with us" that Mateen retreated into the same bathroom as Eddie and was holding Eddie hostage. Chief Mina states that at approximately 5 am they attempted to breach the wall to enter the bathroom. He states that the attempt failed and he had to use an armored vehicle to penetrate the wall. Chief Mina says that Mateen came out of that hole holding a 'long rifle' and a handgun and died in an exchange of gunfire with police. If Mateen exited the hole the police made, and Eddie, who we know was trapped with Mateen in the bathroom, died on Sunday, could you or Chief Mina comment as to the circumstances of his death as we know he was still alive when the hostage situation began?

  4. Dear Lord, I pray for the mothers and families of the Orlando shootings who have lost their son/daughter. I ask that you would fill them with a deep sense of your peace and grace. I ask that you would surround them with your love and hope. Give them the strength to carry on and to know that they still have a purpose on this earth. Lord I am asking that each day they would grow stronger in the knowledge of you and how great you truly are.
    Lord, on their darkest days be their light. On their loneliest days, be their friend. On their saddest days be their joy. Grant these grieving families the strength to continue on. I pray that they would be firmly established in the knowledge of you. I pray that they may be able to comprehend what is the breadth, width, height and depth of your love for them. Let that unfathomable love carry them through their darkest days.
    Lord, I pray that they will be filled with pleasant and joyful memories of their loved ones. May each day bring a brighter hope of the future. May they grow closer to you through this experience. Let not their hearts turn bitter, angry or disillusioned. May they once again begin to trust. Bring them the divine comfort and assurance that can only come through your love.”
    In Jesus name we pray.
    Knowing how much I love my children, I was looking at the video footage from the mother of Eddie Jamoldroy Justice, not to diminish the other families and mothers that are grieving, but I just cannot imagine how she felt reading her son's text messages. Even though the above is meant to help heal, and not harbor bitterness, there is this strong maternal side to me that HATES this man for taking these folks lives for no reason and changing these mothers lives forever. May he ROT in hell for this cowardly act


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